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Whether you are looking for a trucking company that can move an occasional load or you need a specific weekly commitment, Holland Enterprises is just what you've been looking for. Our dedicated team will exceed all your truck load shipping needs and expectations. We have been doing it for over 50 years.

Family Owned

Holland Enterprises is a family owned, long haul refrigerated trucking company, based in Fargo, ND. In business for more than 50 years, we now operate 300 tractors and 350 refrigerated trailers.

We distinguish Holland Enterprises from the competition by providing a consistent, higher level of customer service. While there will be challenges in this business, it is the way in which we deal with them that will set us apart from the competition. We do it every day.

A Little About Our History

Holland Enterprises is a family-owned and operated, long-haul refrigerated trucking company. Dennis Holland started just outside of Fargo in Barnesville, MN in 1972. The company expanded quickly to renting a single bay in Fargo, then building a new facility on 32nd Avenue. Originally, he was running flatbed but found that it can be too seasonal and wanted to find something to keep his trucks busy all year long. He switched to a temperature-controlled fleet because, in his words, "Everyone has to eat."

Early in our history, we ran flatbed.

One of our previous homes on 1st Avenue in Fargo.

One of our flatbeds being loaded.

Eventually we had to build again on 1st Avenue and we stayed there until 2005. Finally, we moved to our current home in Mapleton in May, 2005. Dennis told Chris it was one of his best decisions. This building is equipped with most of our administration, dispatch and a full-service shop. We also have many driver amenities here including sleeping rooms, bathrooms with showers, free washers and dryers plus food is always available in the driver’s room.

A line of our trucks at the 1st Ave yard.

A driver stops to walk his co-pilot.

Pups out sunning themselves.

This building has served us well but in 2020, we had to put an addition on our building. This addition allows us to have bobtails inside during the extreme winter months plus has facilities to clean the trucks properly before we give them to our drivers.

Brad and Karla working on the truck board.

Our 50th Anniversary truck.

Our dispatch department.

Now, many years after we started, we are celebrating our 50th year, stronger than ever and ready for the next 50 years. We are currently expanding our fleet to be well over 300 trucks. We realize that these are trying times for many, including drivers, just trying to find a good home. We want to be that home, where drivers come to be happy with their career and then retire happy. You won’t get that everywhere. Some companies focus on one thing: their profits, and they are not prepared for the challenges of a constantly changing world. They operate recklessly and are forced to close unexpectedly leaving drivers to fend for themselves. We are flexible and positioned well so we will continue to not just survive but thrive in today's world. Longevity is our goal; we want to be around for the long-haul.

New Freightliner Tractors

Tractors are new Freightliner Cascadia Evolution Condos. All are equipped with APUs, Omnitracs Mobile Communications, SiriusXM radios, EpicVue Satellite TVs, Power Inverters, and Fridge / Freezers.

New Air Ride Trailers

Trailers are new 53' Air Ride Great Dane with Carrier X2500A Advanced Micro Units. All trailers are equipped with StarTraks Mobile Tracking and Monitoring Devices and are all air slide.

Just in time delivery

Holland Enterprises offers just-in-time delivery service. We focus on longer lengths of haul in selected traffic lanes to improve productivity and efficiency. This allows us to provide consistent capacity to major shippers.

Major Traffic Lanes

Major traffic lanes include West Coast, Pacific Northwest, Midwest, Northeast, Mid Atlantic, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. We transport a substantial amount of business from coast to coast. Our average length of haul is over 1,600 miles.

Accessible Communication

Because we have Omnitracs, communication and load tracking is very accessible. Whether it be via our website, or by speaking with one of our staff.

Exceeding your expectations

Not only will we meet all your truck load shipping needs, we will certainly exceed any of your shipper/carrier expectations.

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